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  Established in 2010, Hebei Zhile Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. is a council unit of Hebei Environmental Protection Federation, with the registered capital of RMB 23 million. Now it has grade III qualification on environmental engineering contracting and it is a professional hi-tech environmental protection engineering company which is committed to researching and applying the membrane separation technique, as well as designing and constructing of the purified water engineering, municipal wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, reuse of reclaimed water etc. The Company cooperates with domestic and international experts who master the advanced technology in research, development and manufacturing of the hollow fiber membrane, membrane module and membrane application technology, keeping its product and technology advancement. In recent years, it has implemented lots of water treatment engineering with membrane technology in the high concentration wastewater industries such as chemical fiber, papermaking, printing and dyeing, coking, oil, pharmacy, chemical industry, electroplating, paint spray, food etc. becoming a backbone for energy saving, emission reduction and waster resource shortage solving in Hebei. In 2014, the Company successfully got the financial support of technological innovation of Hebei scientific and technological enterprise. 

  Zhile has advanced technology, competent construction team, large-scale production capacity and complete after-sale service system. It will be committed to striving for development of water treatment undertaking with advanced technology, strong financial strength and practical market mode to strive to improve the living environment of human. Its membrane products are exported to Europe, South America, Russia and Southeast Asia etc.  

  Zhile Company has advanced technical strength, competent construction team and large scale production capacity. Our company contracts the environmental protection and water treatment projects for several years and accumulated rich experience in project design, installation construction, debugging operation, technical training, after-sales services etc. 

Add: No. 2162-8, South 2nd Ring Road, Baoding, Hebei, China, 071000 telephone: + 86-312-8913138 Fax:0312-8913138 E-mail:
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