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Application in tap-water plants

Tap-water plant is confronted with problems in case of new national standard will being put into full implementation
With rapid development of national economy and improvement of people's living standards, existing water supply industry is faced with unprecedented
technological challenges. On the one hand, in our country, most drinking water sources are severely contaminated and will deteriorate further in the future;
On the other hand, the drinking water quality standards are improving to a great extent. In "Drinking Water Health Standards" (GB5749-2006) formally
implemented on July 1, 2007, water quality indicators increases from the previous 35 to 106, meanwhile, limit value of pollutants contained in drinking water
is strictly regulated in the above document. At the same time, 99% waterworks in our country is still adopting the traditional process covering coagulation,
sedimentation, filtration and disinfection, which has overwhelmed under the new situation. It is difficult to solve the problem of water quality: pathogenic
microbes, algae and algal toxins problems, turbidity, disinfection by-products problems, unstable effluent quality and the other water quality security
challenges. Therefore, upgrading and rebuilding of the traditional tap-water plants is in urgent need.

Application advantage of ultrafiltration technology in municipal water supply
1. Stable effluent quality through ultrafiltration membrane, the water turbidity usually less than 0.1 NTU;
2. High safety in effluent microorganism through ultrafiltration membrane ;
3. High degree of automation;
4. Small floor area, short construction period.

In addition, the main device of membrane can be transferred flexibly showing better emergency ability to cope with the floods, droughts, man-made pollution
and other water quality incidents. Therefore, compared with the traditional water treatment technology, ultrafiltration technology can ensure the water
quality safety of drinking water with green process, high efficiency, energy saving, simple process, easy control and other advantages. This is the better
choice among new generation of drinking water purification process.

Flow contrast diagram of ultrafiltration technology and traditional process in tap-water plants

程监控系统: remote monitoring system 膜过滤:membrane filtration 原水:raw sewage 膜池:membrane pool节省占地1/2-2/3:saving space 1/2-2/3 消毒:
disinfection 出水:effluent 出水安全稳定:safe and stable effluent 加药量减少:reducing dosage 传统工艺:traditional process 原水: raw sewage 絮凝沉淀:
flocculation and sedimentation 快速过滤:rapid filtration 消毒:disinfection 出水:effluent

1. Ultrafiltration can hold back giardia, cryptosporidium, bacteria, virus and the others completely in water.
2. Ultrafiltration water plants can supply flexibly with only the operation of increasing or decreasing ultrafiltration membrane module. This is suitable forany purification treatment in any water scale level. It is easy to conduct reconstruction and expansion;
3. No SS materials in the water treated through membrane, so dosing quantity of sodium hypochlorite and other reagents can realize minimization;
4. Standardization, modularization and relatively centralization of membrane system shortentheconstruction period of traditional water plants, reducingfloor area greatly.

1. Ultrafiltration technology is a brand new and effective water treatment technology. Its biggest characteristic is to remove the water particles, bacteria,
viruses and pathogenic protozoa completely. It has been widely used in large water plants in foreign countries and is the best choice of upgrading the old
water plants;
2. Zhile PVDF ultrafiltration membrane has the characteristics of high filtration precision, good effluent quality, low voltage large flux and strong ability
to resist pollution. It is a cost-effective product and has been applied in multiple projects; in the upgrading and reconstruction process of old waterworks,
Zhile PVDF ultrafiltration membrane has a variety of application form, you can choose flexibly according to the specific situation of the water plant.


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