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Municipal and landscape engineering general contract

(1) Construction, upgrading and rebuilding the urban sewage treatment
With China’s improving improvement requirements of sewage resource, most of the existing sewage treatment plants are faced with the problem of upgrading and rebuilding. According to the different water quality of raw wastewater and treated water, we can provide you with a variety of solutions; finally you can choose an optimal solution. Our technical route is: strengthen biological denitrification & depth filtration & disinfection.
(2) Sewage treatment in industrial collection area
Sewage in industrial collection area mainly comes from quarter sanitary sewage, followed by industrial wastewater being treated simply.
(3) Sewage treatment in rural area
During the treatment process of rural sanitary sewage, population distribution, water quality fluctuation magnitude, terrain features, regional economic strength and many other factors must be considered. Our company will provide corresponding and suitable process scheme and construction operation mode to adapt to the local conditions according to customer's specific conditions and requirements, finally ensuring that you will share and enjoy the social and environmental benefits of environmental protection with the landlord. That is to say, you will achieve win-win cooperation.



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