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Reclaimed water reuse

Flow contrast diagram of MBR technology and traditional process

膜过滤 污水处理厂出水:membrane filtration sewage treatment plant effluent  膜组件: membrane component易于自动控制:easy automatic control 膜池:membrane pool 节省占地1/2-2/3: save floor 1/2-2/3出水:effluent 良好的处理水质:good treated water quality 传统工艺 污水处理厂出水:Membrane filtration sewage treatment plant effluent 生物曝气滤池:bio-aerating filter砂滤:sand leach活性炭:Activated carbon出水:effluent传统工艺:Traditional technology
1. Immersion filtration process can operate without complex tubing and control system. The device configuration is simple.
2. No SS, colibacillus and other ingredients left in treated water, so the treated water can be recycled and reused. Also it is very suitable for being used as RO pretreatment.
3. Reduce the cleaning and replacement costs of the filter materials.
4. No need to undertake the management of settling basin, so the whole maintenance is simple.

Application of reusing the recycled water

冲厕、洗车、道路喷洒、景观、消防用水:water used in flushing the toilet, car washing and spraying roads, landscape and firefighting:  中水:recycled water河道景观: river course landscape农业灌溉:agricultural irrigation根据需要经过反渗透等工艺进行再处理,如用做冷却水,熄焦、熄炉渣用水、灰渣水输送用水,工厂绿地浇洒,地面、车辆冲洗、消防用水:Conduct retreatment through antiosmosis and other technologies based on the actual need, such as used as cooling water, water used in coke quenching, quenched slag conveying, water used in plant green land, water used in spraying ground, car washing and firefighting:
Significance of reusing the recycled water in sewage treatment plants

Wastewater reuse is an effective measure to solve the regional serious shortage problem of water resources, especially the urban industrial centralization which provides sufficient water for reusing the recycled water. Reusing the recycled water is regarded as the second water source of urban low quality water. This will greatly alleviate the shortage of water resources, bringing comprehensive benefits of open- source, throttling and environmental protection.
In large industrial enterprises whose water consumption is big enough, reusing recycled water has considerable advantages and optimistic outlook; Firstly, it can save a lot of ground water and tap water, relieving urban pressure with water. Secondly, the price of recycled water is low, although water conveyance pipeline construction needs one-time investment, water costs saved each year is more objective and obvious. Thirdly, the sewage treatment technology is becoming mature now. Treated water quality is quite stable which can meet the demand of industrial water consumption.
Application advantage of MBR technology in reusing the recycled water
Membrane bioreactor (MBR), as the technology of reusing the recycled water, has more technological and economic competitive advantages. It is expected that reusing the recycled water will be the main trend of MBR application in China.
The MBR is a new water treatment technology combined the membrane separation unit and biological treatment unit. Compared with traditional biochemical treatment technology, the MBR has the following main features:
◆ High processing efficiency, good effluent water quality;
◆ Compact device, small floor area;
◆ Easy to realize automatic control, simple operation management



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