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ZL-YTJ series integrated equipment

Introduction to Integrated Plant
Our company has designed a high-performance integrated wastewater treatment plant in combination with our own scientific research achievements and engineering practice, on the basis of summarizing the operation experiences of the domestic and overseas sewage treatment plants and according to the current social environment requirements. This plant has the characteristics of stable and reliable performance, good treatment effect, investment saving, automatic operation, convenient maintenance operation, small floor area, etc. It is widely used and achieves the national first level discharge standards.
Advantages of Product
●Small installation investment and low cost.
●It is not influenced by the topography, has small floor area and short installation time and is fast to produce the desired result.
●The treated water and the produced sludge are easy to reuse.
●The degree of automation is high, and the maintenance and management is simple and convenient.
●The effluent is steady, the safety performance is high, and the national standard is met.
●The plant can be manufactured into the on-vehicle plant, being convenient to move and use.

Scope of Application
Residence community, villages and towns
Shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, sanatoriums, hospitals
Institutions, schools, troops
Highways, railways, factories, miners, scenic spots
Organic wastewater treatment and reutilization of the middle-small sacle industries such as slaughter,  aquatic product processing and food

Technological Process

Product Model
YTH-ZM series integrated wastewater treatment plant produced by our company is made of fiberglass reinforced plastics and carbon steels. The fiberglass reinforced plastics has the characteristics of good corrosion resistance, good thermal performance, strong impact resistance, good design, excellent usability, etc. The carbon steels have the characteristics of low cost, high hardness, high water pressure tolerance, difficult deformation, better corrosion resistance, long service life, high cost performance, etc.

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