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Our country will be completed in 2017, paid for the use of sewage's discharge right and trading pilot

 In 2017, our country will be a basic system of paid use and transaction of sewage's discharge right, pilot projects will be completed. Launched in 2007, the pilot work has been in tianjin, hebei, Inner Mongolia and other 11 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities).
 Units, and allow the approval of the emission refers to the amount and type of the discharge of pollutants.
 This morning by the general office of the state council issued "to further advance and paid for the use of sewage's discharge right trading pilot instruction opinion", the pilot work on system construction actual operation request more clear, and points out that may follow this way to spread around the pilot.
 File points out, will establish a system of paid use of sewage's discharge right and transaction, to properly deal with the government and the market, institutional reform and innovation, and maintain steady economic development, new and old enterprise, the relationship between pilot areas and other areas, the timing of the policy hold good pilot, strength and rhythm, adjust measures to local conditions, gradually promote the pilot work.
 Papers also showed that would create emission, paid use, pilot areas to pollutants emission reduction by the state shall be in strict accordance with the requirements of the pollutant total amount control indicators will be decomposed to grass-roots, can not break through the upper limit of total amount control. Reasonable emission of check and ratify, pilot areas should be complete by the end of 2015 units emission of existing first check and ratify, after in principle once every five years for approval. Right of existing units, should be in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations standard, pollutant total amount control requirements, the industrial layout and the status quo of the pollutants discharge for approval. Building, rebuilding and expansion of emission of the project, should according to the result of the environmental impact assessment for approval. Emission in the form of emission permits is confirmed. Pilot areas shall not exceed the state to determine the total emission of pollutant emission of check and ratify, may not act as units for approval is not in conformity with the national industrial policy of emission. According to the sources of pollution emission by the local environmental protection department administration authority for approval.
 The local environmental protection departments in accordance with the pollution charge administrative rights, state where the state Treasury in full, and incorporated into the local financial budget management. Emission transfer income as a whole for pollution control, no unit or individual may intercept or use and embezzlement. Pay large amount emission fee, one-time pay has genuine difficulty in units that can be in installments, payment deadlines shall not be more than five years, the first payment shall not be less than 40% of the total payable. The pilot areas of finance, auditing department should strengthen the supervision over the use situation of the pollution rights transfer income.
 In addition, the file regulation, in principle in the pilot provinces of tradable permits. Involving water pollutant emissions trading in the same basin only. Self-provided power plant of thermal power enterprises (including other industries, including heating co-generation unit part), in principle, shall not be involved with other industry enterprises of atmospheric pollutant emissions trading. Environmental quality in areas that do not meet the requirements shall not increase the total amount of pollutants in the region of emissions trading. Industrial pollution emissions trading will be made and agricultural pollution sources.
 According to the sources of pollution emission trading administrative authority shall be the responsibility of the corresponding local environmental protection department. Pilot emissions trading across provincial administrative regions, by the environmental protection department, ministry of finance and the national development and reform commission is responsible for the organization. After completion of emissions trading, both parties shall, in accordance with the provisions of the local environmental protection department within the time limit for the report, and apply for change the discharge permit.

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